Best URL Shortener Sites 2019

Best URL Shortener Sites 2019: Hi Guys today I’ll be discussing the most exciting topic how to make money online using free link shortener websites. You can earn money via shorting your long URL into the small link. It is a best and easy method to make Some extra cash using your website, YouTube channel or Social Accounts. You can earn upto 14$ on 1000 Views which is very Good for Bloggers and YouTubers.

Many bloggers are using or for shortening the long URL into the Small Link it is good, but you will not get any profit from those links. But today we are talking about best URL Shortener Sites who pay you more then 10$ on 1000 Views; you have just to make link shorte and earn money without doing anything.

Today we are comparing some Famous and New URL shortener Websites, by there payouts and features.

#1. – Highest Paying URL Shortener

ShrtFly is a new URL shorting Website. It pays you more than 14$ on 1000 Views. You can earn upto 14$ if you have Brunei Darussalam Traffic. You can check Payout Rates if you have these countries traffic you can earn upto 200-300$ in a day using ShrtFly.

It is the best URL shortener website because you can create custom links like, You can shrink upto 20 links at a time. ShrtFly also provides you advance full site script you can shrink only that links which you want to short.

For Example, If you have tons of links on your Website like, Mediashare, etc. you can select these domains on that advance full site script then the script converts only that links, not whole site pages.

ShrtFly gives you 30% Referral Commission for Lifetime so refer some active publisher then no need to do anything relax your publisher makes money for you.

ShrtFly gives you Virtual Wallet you can use this wallet to promote your site links via ShrtFly Banner, Popup, Interstitial Ads. In case you earn 5$ by sharing short links on your blog, and you don’t want to payout them then you can create a Campaign for that 5$, This is an excellent feature which is also not available on other URL shortener websites.

ShrtFly has a dedicated support team who is always ready to help you. This is the Fastest Growing short link website with 50000+ Publishers.

  • Payment Methods: Paypal, Payza, Skrill, Neteller, BankTransfer, Paytm, UPI, TEZ
  • Minimum Payout: 3$ through Paypal
  • Referral Earnings Rate: 30% commission on referrals – lifetime
  • Alexa Rank (Global): under 20k

Features of ShrtFly – Custom URL Shortener

  • Mass URL shortener up to 20 links
  • Custom links like
  • Everyday Payout Facility
  • Full Page Script using API
  • Multi-Domain Support
  • The publisher can promote their content directly from there Dashboard
  • We Support Banner ads, Popup ads, Interstitial ads Campaign.
  • Publisher Virtual Wallet.

Highest Payout Rates

Here are some favorite countries Payout Rates.

Country Payout Rates
Thailand 7.3$
Saudi Arabia 7$
Italy 5$
Brazil 4$
United States 8$
United Kingdom 9$
Brunei Darussalam 14$

#2. is old URL Shortener or URL Shortening service available in today’s Internet world. They also provide WordPress Plugin to install on their website. No need to install Script manually which is good for New Bloggers. But, installing these plugins on your website may be caught site speed loading problems.

It pays you more then 14$ on 1000 Views, but there is a condition, all the 1000 Views comes from the United States because the United States spends more Money for Advertising. We tested this website they paid 4-6$ CPM rates only for the USA and said are paying 14$ CPM which mean they are making…

To earn money, you can share your short link on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. Your earning amount (payment) will be sent automatically on the 10th day of each month.

  • Payment Method: Paypal or Payoneer
  • Minimum Payout: 5$ through Paypal or 20$ through Payoneer
  • Referral Earnings Rate: 20% commission on referrals – lifetime
  • Alexa Rank (Global): Under 18k

Features of – URL shortener

  • Mass URL shortener upto 20 links
  • WordPress Plugin
  • Automatic Payment System
  • whole site script using API
  • Multi-Domain Support

#3. – URL Shortener Website

LinkShrink is also an old URL shortening website that allows users to make money online using Short Link. It pays you 2$-5$ for 1000 Views. You can earn upto 10% Referral commission from your referrals. That means if you refer ten users to LinkShrink and if each one of them makes $2 daily, then you will be earning a total of $4 daily without any effort at all.

LinkShrink gives meager payout rates then why people love it? People use it because it is a trusted website which is running from last some years.

  • Referral Earnings Rate: 10% Earning for Lifetime.
  • Payout Option: Paypal, Payza or Bitcoin
  • Alexa Rank (Global): 880
  • Mass shrink links upto 30
  • Custom URL shortener support

Features of LinkShrink – URL shortener

  • Mass URL shortener upto 20 links
  • Custom links like
  • whole site script using API
  • Low Payout Rates.

#4. is one of the most popular and trusted URL shortening company. Just register for an account and start shrinking URLs. You will get paid when anyone visits on your URLs. With you can earn up to 4$ per 1000 views to your Shorten links.

Note: is banned in Some Country by some Telecom Operators. You can not use in India because it is banned by Airtel, Idea, Bsnl and any other Indian Carrier. So if you have Indian traffic then you should not use on your website. You can use any other Best URL Shortener for making extra money by short links.

  • Payment Method: Minimum Payout 5$ by Paypal, Payza or AlertPay.
  • Referral Earnings Rate: 20% Earnings For Lifetime.
  • Alexa Rank (Global): 2250

Features of Link Shortener

  • Mass URL shortener upto 20 links
  • Custom links like
  • Multi-Domain supports
  • whole site script using API
  • High Payout Rates.

Comparison of Features.

Mass link Support Yes  Yes  Yes  No
Referral Commission 30% Lifetime 20% Lifetime 10% Lifetime 20% Lifetime
Payout Methods Paypal, Payza, BankTransfer, Paytm, UPI Paypal or Payoneer Paypal, Payza or Bitcoin Paypal, Payza or AlertPay
WordPress Plugin Yes Available Yes No No
Virtual Wallet Yes No No No
Advance API Support Yes Advance Yes But not Advance Yes But not Advance  Yes But not Advance
Alexa Rank 25k 18k 880 2250
Multi-Domain Support Yes  Yes  No  Yes
Points 8/10 7/10 5/10 5/10

ShrtFly has more features either than other sites. We have many withdrawal options like PayPal, Payza, Paytm, UPI, Skrill, Tez, etc. so anyone can join and earn money. We pay every day, so when you earn 3$, you can ask for the withdrawal.


This is the list of Top 4 URL Shortener Sites to Make Money in 2019, you can choose any one website to earn a lot of Money just by sharing your links anywhere anytime on socials sites, blogs or websites etc. Why I said this is the best method because a user can also make $$$ online even they don’t have a blog or any websites. I recommend you to try ShrtFly if you like that then you can use otherwise you can leave all depend on you.

Enjoy making money & Don’t Forget to Share Your Favorite URL Shortener Website in the comments section and also share this article with your friends who need any info on URL Shortener Sites.