ShrtFly Withdrawal Fee

ShrtFly operates in India and works with Indian banks, according to the RBI guidelines. Indian banks charge 3.5%+18% GST on each USD, BRL, THB, or any International currency conversation charges.

This is a very huge amount and we can't pay it from our pocket because we are not making that much profit. So we started charging the fee from 2020.

PayPal has its own conversation system they do not depend on Google convert rates so please don't ask about the conversion rates. You can contact PayPal for more information.

Here is the list of charges for each withdrawal method, Please check it carefully.


  1. PayPal: 3.5%+18%, transaction fee. (3.5%+18% GST is the currency conversation fee)
  2. UPI/TEZ/GPay/PhonePe: 3rs Fee. 1 USD = Current Rate (Payment Partner Fee)
  3. Paytm: 3rs Fee. 1 USD = Current Rate (Payment Partner Fee)
  4. Wire Transfer: Free for India and 50$ Flat fee for International Payment. (50$ flat fee for International transaction fee)
  5. Payoneer: 3.5%+18% Transaction fee. (3.5%+18% GST is the currency conversation fee)
  6. USDT/TRON (TRC20): 1$+2.5% Transaction fee. (2.5% Processing fee and 1$ exchange fee) (1$ fee charged for non Binance users only)
  7. Payeer: 2%+0.5% Transaction fee.  (2% Processing fee and 0.5% exchange fee)

We can change the fee at any time without any notice, USDT and Payeer fee are responsive and depends on the market.


The Minimum Payout for Paytm, PayPal, UPI, Payeer is $5