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How to get started with ShrtFly url shortener

Do you want to monetize your website traffic? but google AdSense not approving your account. We have a solution, introducing a shrtfly URL shortener network. By using our shortener service you can earn huge money without having any AdSense account. We offer up to 21$ for 1000 views which is a very higher CPM. Even you can’t earn 21$ by using the AdSense account.

Creating a shrtfly account is very easy, we don’t have any minimum traffic requirement. You can join us without any approval and start making money within seconds.

shrtfly offers daily payment withdrawal which is good so no need to wait for 50 days for your 1st payment. We also provide multiple payment options such as Paytm, UPI, PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer without any fee. You can check our Payout Rates.

So if you are interested to work with us here are steps to get started with shrtfly.

How to create a shrtfly publisher account?

#1. First of all goto, the ShrtFly Sign up Page

#2. Now Fill Username, Email, Password and click on Submit.

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#3. Open your Email account and check inbox (sometimes email can be found in spam box) and click on your Unique Link and activate your account.

#4. Your Account created Successfully.

Now go to the ShrtFly login page and log in your account

After Successfully logged in go to the Settings >> Profile and fill the whole information like Your Name, Address, Phone Number and withdrawal account details like PayPal Email it’s very important because sometimes we send gifts to our top publishers like ShrtFly T-Shirt and something more interesting things.

How to Create Short links?

First of all, click on the “New Shorten Link” option which is placed on the left top side.


Now copy your long URL and page it in this box like this and click on shorten

url shortener

There is an “Advanced Option” Option available using this option you can Alias Your Shorted link like http://shrtfly.com/bestgames etc.

You can also choose your Advertising Type from the Advanced option. You have to choose Banner option if you want to make money using Our Website, if you only want to short link and don’t want to make money then choose No Advert option. If you don’t have much knowledge of this feature then please don’t touch it. Just create the link and copy your Shorted link.

How to make money using the URL shortener

Just Create Short Links and Place on Your Blog and Website if you don’t have a website then You can share shorted links on social media like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Every person visits your link you earn money.

If you have a Movies, Mobile Application or Theme website then You can use our links to short Download file links. It gives your high results of clicking on your links. Because every person comes on your website for downloading that particular file so they go for downloading the file and you make money.


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