How to Withdraw Your Money from ShrtFly Account

ShrtFly is a URL Shortener Website using this website you can earn upto $14/1000 Views which is very high payout rates either than other URL Shorteners. When you reach the minimum payout ($3) Now you can withdraw your amount at any time. You can withdraw your money every day there is no any specific date for the withdrawal. Withdrawal system works on request.

Our Payout-Rates increased in Some counties like United-States, United-Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Norway etc. Now you can earn upto $14 per 1000 Views which is very higher other than another URL Shorteners.

New Payout Rates in Some Countries.

Country Old Rates New Rates
United-States 5$ 7$
United-Kingdom 7$ 9$
Canada 4$ 6$
Norway 4$ 6.5$
Australia 6$ 10$
Saudi Arabia 2.5$ 6$
6$ 12$

Follow these steps to Withdraw your money

  1. First of all login ShrtFly account
  2. Now go to the settings >> Profile
  3. Now fills your Billing Information like Name, Address, Phone Number etc.
  4. Select Your Withdrawal Method which is available for you like PayPal, Paytm, Bank Transfer etc.
  5. Now goto the Withdraw option on the left of the Control Panel
  6. Click on the Withdraw option now you can see a pop screen just select <<okay>> if you want to withdraw your amount else Cancel.
  7. We will pay the amount within 3-4 Working days.

Note: You must request us to withdraw your earnings because, there is no any withdrawal dates for automatic payments that’s why we are not able to proceed your payouts without requests.

Warning: Please check your PayPal email address or Phone number before withdrawing request because, if we proceed your payout request after that we can’t revert it back in case your Payment email address, Phone number not correct.

If you already did please contact us immediately so that we will send payouts to your correct email address.

If you have any other query related Withdrawal Please write down in the comment below