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How to Make Money with a Movie Website

Every website owner wants to make money with a movie website; there are numerous options available to monetize your website, such as (Google AdSense, Affiliate Marketing, Banner Ads, Push Ads others); however, when it comes to Movies website, then you have some restrictions to monetize your site. 

Because Google doesn’t enable movie websites to monetize sites, if you’re a movie website owner, you may think, what are the options left you have and How To Make Money With A Movie Website?

No need to worry; this detailed article will explain and show you different types of ways to make money with a movie website. These methods are so effective and trusted that they can generate more handsome revenue than Adsense or any other platform. 

One of the best things I reckon about these methods is that there are no money-making limitations. So if you have traffic on your website, you can start it by today. Below I’ll discuss each and tell you how you can boost your movie website’s earnings with these platforms.

Before I take you to the depth of this topic, it becomes essential to understand how movie websites work. So let’s understand it first. 

How do Movie Websites work?

Well, Movies websites are a kind of streaming platform that allows you to download old and recent movies free of cost. These websites share the current and old movies to their websites, and in return, they earn some money illegally. If not Google AdSense, then what are other options you can apply to make money. Let’s understand it. 

How to Make Money with a Movie Website

I’m discussing the top couple of ways which can be your mate to monetize your movie website.

URL Shortener (ShrtFly):

URL Shortener

Link Shortener is one of the most effective ways to earn passive income, and if you ignore this method to generate money with your movie website, then you are making a big mistake of all time. URL Shortener platform pays you when you short your long link into short and beautiful, and when your visitors click on that, you receive money

There are several free URL shortener platforms available in the market ShrtFly is one of them. ShrtFly is an excellent and high-paying platform. CPM rate is one of the best things you should look after, and we pay the highest CPM possible to the users.

ShrtFly shortens your long URL into short, so it becomes user-friendly; however, ShrtFly also comes under a custom URL shortener, which means you can create any URL according to your needs.

Another reason to choose ShrtFly is, more than 1M people are already taking benefits and making hundreds of dollars per month from the ShrtFly link shortener. All you have to do to make money with a movie website is Link Shortener (ShrtFly), simply create an account, shorten your link, and get paid. 

If your site is AdSense enabled, then nothing to worry, because the ShrtFly platform is fully compatible with AdSense. Apart from that, for solving your queries, they have a delicate 12×7 dedicated team

It doesn’t matter from which corner of the planet you belong; gates are open for all. Another reason to fall in love with the ShrtFly is their payment methods. 

We have multiple withdrawal options such as Paypal, Payoneer, Paytm, Payeer, USDT, Bank Transfer, and more. ShrtFly is a completely trustable and best URL shortener platform that doesn’t deduct any of your amounts and enables you to withdraw any time. So you can start making money today by applying a URL shortening service to your movie website.

Reason to Choose ShrtFly:

  1. Multiple withdrawal options. 
  2. The minimum payout is $5.
  3. It allows you to withdraw any time you want.
  4. Impressive CPM rates. (more than anyone).
  5. Easy to implement (API feature).
  6. Offer you a 30% referral commission for life on every referral you do.
  7. Enable you to create a custom URL.

PPD Site (Pay Per Download):

Pay Per Download

The next best option to generate a handsome revenue is using the PPD site for your Movie Website; basically, PPD stands for (Pay Per Download), which means when someone downloads your asset from these sites, you get paid. 

The process works in simple steps; all you have to do is upload your content on PPD sites (In your case, it is movies) so when you upload your website’s movies to PPD sites and when any of the visitors download your content (Movies), the PPD site pays you for that

There are plenty of PPD sites available on the market, but is one of the best I ever came across. Because of its beginner-friendly interface and the functionality, it offers to the users.

You can simply sign up with (The signup process is free), and upload your files on the site and receive payment when you reach the minimum payout, which is $3 only. Furthermore, there is no geo-restriction for It means it offers benefits around the globe, and users in any part of the world can download it.

You can earn as much as you want in this method, and the platform is entirely genuine for pay. However, you need to understand that doesn’t allow any of the following content to upload. 

  1. Child Pornography.
  2. Any Copyright material.
  3. Any adult content.
  4. Any violent content.
  5. Movies, Malware, and any illegal content.

If you are not included in these categories, then uploadmx can be the best option for you. As the implementing process is immensely straightforward and doesn’t require any prior technical experience.

Reason to Choose

  1. Multiple payment options such as PayPal, Paytm, UPI, Payeer, USDT.
  2. The minimum payout is $3.
  3. You can get a 20% referral commission on each referral for a lifetime.
  4. It enables you for daily payout.
  5. offers you full control over your dashboard.

Popup Ads:

Popup Ads

Image Credit goes to

Another best way to monetize your movie website is with Popup Ads. If your only motto is to make as much money as possible, then I recommend you to go with Popup ads. 

Popup ads are so effective, and these types of ads also come under high engagement and click rate categories. These ads pay you a high commission on 1000 impressions

Implementing Popup ads on your movie website is straightforward, and once you implement Popup ads on your movie site and any visitor lands on it, ads display in a popup manner, and users need to close the ad manually for accessing the other content of your website. 

That is the main reason popup ads are so effective and high-paying ads of all time. Popup ads have various ads such as next tab open ads, popunder ads, all the gaming, movies, and crack software websites use these types of ads. 

These ads annoy users, but at the end of the day, allow you to make a good amount of money. So if you want to make good revenue from your movie website, then you should definitely try these ads.

Reason to choose Pop Up Ads?

  1. Best for high CPM and high revenue.
  2. Best for movies website.
  3. It has a variety of ads type.
  4. It is easy to integrate on the site.

Native Ads:

Native Ads

Image credit goes to

When we talk about making money with a Movies Website, then it will be unfair not to add Native Ads to the list. InFeed ads are just like InArticle ads. When we talk about native, then Google is not auto optimizing. In this, the publisher can customize the ads of his choice according to the needs of his website and design. 

Monetize websites or blogs without disrupting any visual flow. The excellent news about native is that Google also enables users to display these types of ads on the website. Earning potentials are so high in native ads because these ads seem similar to the content. It becomes more challenging for the users to understand if it’s regular content or paid ads; that is why it increases the chance of clicking on it. 

There are a number of platforms available on the market that allow you to create native ads and implement them on your movie site. 

One of the best things which I personally like about native ads is that they are marked as “Suggested Post” or “Recommended For You” that look seamless for the users and behave like it’s a part of the content. 

Apart from that, these types of ads don’t leave any destructive impact on the users. You can implement it if you search for How To Make Money With Movie Websites.

Reason to Choose Native Ads:

  1. Best ad to implement.
  2. High revenue. 
  3. Relevant to your content.
  4. You can create a new native ad for each page.

Wrapping Up:

This detailed article explained multiple methods to How To Make Money With A Movie Website. These methods are proven and tested and trust me, and you can generate a serious amount of money by applying any of these. If you’re one of those who run a movie website, then I personally recommend you apply these ways to monetize your website.

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