Why ShrtFly is the best for creating Torrent shorten links?

by Peter Deski

How ShrtFly is the best for creating Torrent shortened links?

Are you looking for a platform to shorten your torrent links? Well look no more because Shrtfly is here to help you with all your link shortening needs.

We offer our users a seamless and user-friendly experience with the link shortener tools. So, you don’t have to go through ten steps to create a torrent shortened link. On the plus side, you can also customize the links as your liking as well as monetize your links to earn from the traffic!

Why Shrtfly Is The Best For Creating Torrent Shorten Links?

We are here to talk about creating torrent shortened links and how shrtfly.com is the best tool in the market right now!

Why is shrtfly.com is best for creating torrent shortened links?

ShrtFly is the one of the leading link shortener tools in the market. We allow our users to not only shorten their links to make it more accessible but convert it into a monetized link. This happens by simply adding an ad layer so every time a visitor clicks on the link an add will pop up.

This means if your torrent links get good traffic you can earn some money. The payout rates are pretty high and you payment will totally depend on the number of visitors for your links.

Some of the benefits of shrtfly.com

  • ShrtFly works worldwide so you will be able to earn from any corner of the world.
  • Multiple withdrawal methods
  • Exclusive Special Link Feature
  • Easy to use interface
  • Highest payout rates
  • 24/7 support system

The Exclusive Special Link Feature on ShrtFly:

Special Link allow the publisher to shorten and share their non-HTTP links in a user-friendly way without worrying about the destination page, the destination page can be a Torrent Magnet link, Any text or message. When viewer try to get the destination page, system will popup a special link notification in which viewer can copy the link, in your case it will be Torrent magnet link, and then they have option to open the Torrent client by clicking on the “Try opening Link” or if torrent client is not installed they can save the copied magnet link.

Suppose, you have shared the magnet link with any other shortener and when viewer doesn’t have any torrent client installed, in that case shortener will be stuck on the last page showing get link… which is very annoying and viewer get frustrated they think destination link is broken or something.
Although some advance users knows how they have to copy the torrent magnet link by right clicking on the getlink button and copy the link, in mobile they have to long press the getlink button to copy the magnet link in case torrent client isn’t installed.

The thing is that, why you struggle too much with feature less shorteners when you have other good options available with highest paying.

How Special Link is helpful for the audiences?

The special link feature allows publisher to shorten their non HTTP links in your case it will be a torrent magnet link.The link will popup in a user friendly manner which would be easy to share and copy.

This is helpful for the audiences who doesn’t have torrent client installed on their devices. So they can copy the destination link without stucking on the “getlink…” button on their screens.

As we have said the special link feature is an exclusive feature that can only be found on Shrtfly.com which makes it one of a kind in the market.

ShrtFly compared to other link shortener tools:

Here are some of the key features of shortfly that makes it better than most of link shortener tools in the market.

User friendly interface

The platform is pretty easy to use. You will have to make an account that will take a few minutes. And you can simply post your long link here to get a shortened link for the same within seconds. Also get the options to customize the link as per your preferences.

Monetizing Policies

You can start earning via the traffic on your websites and links, by just using Shrtfly. No need to get approval by Google AdSense or meet a long list of criteria.

Withdrawal Policies

You can withdraw your money as soon as it hits the $5 mark, yes it’s true! It’s also impressive that it has multiple withdrawal methods including PayPal, Paytm, Payeer, USDT, and more.

Premium Quality Support System

Shrtfly offers 24/7 support to their users. You can easily reach out to their team with any query or hassle and they will provide you the best possible solution in no time.

How to Create Torrent Shorten Links on ShrtFly?

Here is how you can create the torrent shortened links.

1). Go to shrtfly.com

2). Sign up your account

3). Click on the create link option from the left side of the menu and then go to advance settings

4). Provide the torrent magnet link you want to shorten

5). Choose the right link type (from adult and mainstream type links)

6). Click on shorten button

7). You will get your shorten link within a few seconds

8). Now you can copy the torrent shorten link and share it with your audience.

You can also provide a custom Alias that will help you to remember the short link.

Now that you are done creating your torrent shortened link, feel free to post it on various platforms. Whenever someone opens the link, you will get some money!


All the aforementioned features of ShrtFly truly makes it the best choice for creating shortened torrent links. If you own a website that offers downloading movies, games, or apps, then ShrtFly is your best bet! Go ahead and explore their site to know how easy and user friendly it is!

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