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Top 10 Best URL Shorteners of 2023

Link shortener platform may help you to generate extra revenue from your blog, website, or youtube channel. Every small and big digital owner uses a link shortener platform to make the link shortener. 

Google offered you a URL shortener service in earlier days, but as soon as Google shut it down users searched for the best URL shorteners of 2022.

As there are numerous platforms available on the internet that offer you link shortener service, the question that arises in the mind is what is the best URL Shortener? Which pays you genuinely? 

Well, nothing to panic, about because this article has brought you the top 10 best URL shorteners, some of them pay you, and the rest just provide service. 

I’ve tested more than 30 URL shortening services over the years, but in the end below discussed URL shorteners are best to use in all terms. So are you excited to know more about all these?

If your answer is YES? Then move ahead. 

What Are URL Shorteners?

As the name suggests it works in the same manner. Link shortener is the platform that allows you to convert your original links into shorter links. 

Using link shortener platforms for your blog or any other digital assets can earn you a handsome amount of revenue without putting in any extra effort. Small and big owners of digital assets always use link shortener services. 

Because an original link doesn’t look good to watch because it carries heavy data, and in small devices like smartphones, and tablets it becomes hard to read, right? So these free link shortener platforms convert the long link into a short one. 

Apart from this, these platforms also pay you a great amount of money, when someone clicks on your link. 

The more clicks you get on the shorter link, the more revenue you make. That is the entire game. Now let’s jump into the topic and understand what are the top 10 Best URL Shorteners that can pay you genuinely. The 10 Best URL Shorteners

#1. ShrtFly:

ShrtFly is one of the great platforms that allow you to make money with the help of link shorteners. It is one of the most trusted platforms around the globe, and it provides you with extra benefits. 

It allows you to join them for free, and you can generate your link within seconds because the interface of the website is fully user-friendly. You also get a variety of payment options, like they support multiple payment options to pay you.

Some of their payment options are PayPal, Paytm, Payoneer, USDT, UPI, and Bank Transfer. Using any of them you can withdraw your amount and the payment processing time is also comparatively lesser than other platforms. 

You get full transparency over your account, it means this platform offers you full access and control of your account. 

One of the best things ShrtFly offers, you can withdraw your entire amount anytime you wish to from various payment options. 

One more thing which attracts users to ShrtFly is the rate they give you. As I said I have tried so many link shorteners, but the CPM rates I get here are amazing. 

You can get $21 per 1000 views on your generated link, and that is quite impressive. The story is not over here yet because apart from the link shortener service they also provide users with a referral option. 

Once you join the referral program, which is completely free to join and refer people with your unique referral code. You get a 30% commission of their entire revenue for a lifetime. 

Let’s talk about stats:

ShrtFly has more than 10,60,000 registered users, who use shrtfly on a regular basis and makes thousand of dollars every month by just doing link short. 

In a very short time, shrtfly has already done more than 18,882,400 links shorter, and all this happened because of the user-friendly interface. 

It hardly takes 1 to 2 seconds to change your URL. These 18,882,400 links have already been clicked more than 1,095,274,195 times.


The platform performs well in my case, but they have a dedicated support team who are always ready and take responsibility to solve all your technical issues, including payment.

Full Page Script:

It becomes harder for the users to short thousands of links at a time, right? ShrtFly got the workaround for that as well. You can simply implement 4-line JS code, and within a second you will do all the tasks (thousand of links short).


You get a high CPM rate here on ShrtFly because they have more than 1 million publishers around the globe. The CPM rates you get with ShrtFly which is incredibly high, and no other platform offer you such rates.


Signing up with ShrtFly is easy and less time-consuming. Simply visit the official website and enter your details, that’s all. You’re done earning money.

Reason to Choose ShrtFly?

  1. Best CPM rates.
  2. World-class support team.
  3. Low minimum payout ($5).
  4. 24×7 Payout.
  5. Multiple withdrawal options.
  6. Multi-domain support.
  7. Ads are virus and malware-free.

#2. LinkiFly:

Linkifly is a custom URL shortener, it provides lots of features and many corporates and influencers use it. The best thing is it is lifetime free of cost and provides better features as compared to bitly so we’re keeping it in the number two position.

It is simple to use, just register your account and create your links. You can create unlimited links and track their detailed stats like country, state, city, browser, devices, OS platform, referrers, and many more. No, any other custom shortener provides very deep stats like linkifly.

LinkiFly also provides a Bio link feature, now you can create so many Bio Links where you can put all the information about you and links, it is like your custom page where you can share whatever you want like social media links, videos, posts, donation details and many more, there are thousands of possibilities.

With linkifly, you can make trackable QR codes, and whenever someone scans the QR code you have all the data, you can share your contact details, links, email, SMS, WhatsApp, wifi, and any text with help of QR code, no need to use 3rd party paid software.

It is very useful in affiliate marketing, with linkifly, you can target any specific link to any specific country, device, or browser.

Ex: If you want to share an Amazon affiliate link with your viewers on YouTube, you have to create so many links for every countries affiliate like Amazon USA, Amazon IN, Amazon CA, etc, and put all the links in the description but there is less chance that people click on the right link, many times we miss the sale due to different affiliate link, so with Linkifly you can merge all the links in a single link and whenever your viewer clicks on that single link they will be redirected to their specific countries link, how cool it is? By using this way you can reduce the spam in descriptions and articles and it will look so beautiful and organized.

This platform also integrates with API which helps you to scale your workflow effortlessly.

LinkiFly supports custom domains, if you already have your own domain name, you can integrate your own domain with linkifly and all the short links will be generated throw your domain for free, and you can share your domain’s branded links. Bitly charge 300$/mo for this feature but linkifly provides it free of cost.

Why Should You Choose LinkiFly?

  1. Provide you very deep stats and referrers
  2. For tracking, it supports 20+ Pixels platforms
  3. Bio link supported, very useful and powerful
  4. A trackable QR code generator
  5. Custom domain supported
  6. WordPress plugin support
  7. Meta tag supports
  8. Adsense friendly.
  9. Powerful API features.

#3. Bitly:

Bitly is one of the most popular brands around the world and is mainly known for custom URL shorteners, all the corporates use Bitly for link shorteners because bitly is a trusted platform that encrypts all the generated links with HTTPS. 

Like the earlier one, you can also join bitly for free with a few limitations, but once you choose premium plans you unlock all the features. However, you should remember that monthly plans may charge you a lot, whereas annual plans cost you less. 

You can also choose your plans, according to your needs. The free plan offers you Up to 1,000 links/month, but if you need more than that, then you can upgrade your plan at any time. Using bitly you can create recognizable short links within a second. 

This platform also integrates with API with more than 650 apps and helps you to scale your workflow effortlessly. 

In addition bitly enables you to share your generated link in bulk using a referral link to an affiliate channel and text message. 

Most of the brands don’t like the URL ending with so they have an option for you, using this functionality you can set custom names as well for leaving a good impact on your consumers. QR codes are essential for every business, right? Well, bitly also provides you to implement QR for real-time analytics.

Why Should You Choose Bitly?

  1. Enable you for campaign analytics & management.
  2. For tracking, it may generate your QR code for custom links.
  3. Provide you with a detailed dashboard.
  4. You can create branded and mobile links.
  5. Adsense friendly.
  6. Multiple plans included free, and custom plans.
  7. Powerful API features.

#4. Tiny URL:

The next one is TinyURL, and trust me, the best platform to short your long links into short. TinyURL enables you to generate short aliases against long links. Tiny URL offers you three different plans. The first one is completely free to use, but with some limitations. 

The other two are “PRO” and “BULK 100K. One of the best features Tiny URL provides is link preview. Before making the final decision about your shorter link, you can check the preview as well, to make sure the URL works perfectly or not. In addition, they also provide your browser’s toolbar, which you can add to your browser for fast and quick link shorteners. 

Top of everything you also get a full hand on your account to track your links, check the analytics, and manage but all these benefits are included in paid plans only. The interface of the website is pretty straightforward, which is clean, and easy to understand. 

All you need to do is put your lengthy URL in the given box, and a single click will do the task. You get multiple URL types, such as a preview URL, a long URL, and a short URL. Well, you don’t need to give a second thought to compatibility. 

Tiny URL supports all the leading browsers and all types of ad platforms including Google Adsense. All the plans are safe to use, and also do special care for the users by filtering illegal links, or spam links. 

Why Should You Choose a Tiny URL?

  1. Three different plans to choose from including “FREE”.
  2. You can generate your custom link for better business branding. 
  3. Support all types of ad networks and browsers.
  4. Keeps you safe from spam and malware links.
  5. The best support team for any technical issue.

#5. Golinks:

Golinks is also an amazing platform which is why I kept it at number three. Go link is a premium platform that offers you many benefits, they also offer you free plans with basic features. Golinks have a total of four plans including a free one. 

Any premium plans can be availed by credit or debit card. They also provide an attractive discount to education and non-profit organizations, if you come under these, you can contact their sales team. 

Sign up process is pretty simple, and you can create a custom link from Golinks. The speed of converting a lengthy URL into a short one is superb, within a second it delivers your shorter link. Golinks offer you various types of links such as Shorter URLs, team links, and vanity links. 

Golinks also enables you to access your registered account from anywhere in the world. You can get the extension for your browser as well. On top of everything, you get full access to your dashboard, you can track how your link performs. 

As the company promises to deliver you 99.95% uptime, it means you hardly found any drop time there. If you want to get a detailed report of your link, it has an option that fires a mail with a weekly report. 

Most importantly the enterprise plan is integrated with SSO: OKTA, OneLogin, Azure AD, Ping Identity, and custom SAML which provides you with a smooth experience and detailed report. 

Why Should You Choose Golinks?

  1. Immensely easy interface.
  2. Lighting speed.
  3. Multiple plans, including free.
  4. Affordable price.
  5. Great support team.
  6. A browser extension is available.

#6. is known for making your work easier than ever. Using this platform you can create your personalized shorter links effortlessly. The best thing which I personally like about is, that if you do not have any existing domain, you can get it directly from here, and grab extra benefits like you do not need any technical skill to configure the domain. 

Because all the backend tasks will be done by Once you have your domain, you can generate a custom domain name with shorter links for better branding in the market. is fully compatible with various types of ad networks, mainly Google AdSense. 

Using their API key you can also integrate it with your Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and other platforms. also has features that work on QR codes, you can use your browsers like Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome to generate QR codes.

When you’re done with the QR-generating process, you have multiple options to download different formats, such as .pdf, .svg, and .png. You get four different plans in, where the first one is fully free to use with some feature restrictions, and the other three offer you the ultimate functionality. 

The free plan can carry up to 5 custom domains, with unlimited Redirects. Whichever plan you use, you get free “SSL” and API features. If you need to get a backup of all your generated links, you can directly get in touch with the support team, and they will mail you a file that will contain all the links you created. 

Customer support is the thing that is mandatory for every service, and gives you special care. Their support team is so dedicated to their client and does not make you wait too long, in fact, their maximum waiting time is 10 minutes. 

Why Should You Choose

  1. World-class support. 
  2. Free SSL and API.
  3. Dedicate dashboard.
  4. You have the option to download all your generated links in a single call. 
  5. QR code facility included.
  6. Compatible with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and others.
  7. All ad network support.


The next platform is Clkim which also provides you with great service and major leading brands like Wix, Ritual, and other platforms use their service. Clkim not only enables you to create Full Page Interstitial Ads that will display on the entire screen of the user but also allows you to check the behavior of the ad, and how delightful it will display. 

Using all the metrics you can surely increase the conversion rate of your brand. Apart from that you also get full control over the ad like your campaigns or ad feeds. It also allows you to choose the desired audience, whom you want to see your ad. 

This platform offers you a detailed dashboard where you can either choose your existing domain or buy the new one directly from the dashboard. Existing domains require a few things to set up, whereas fresh domains purchased from there, will bind automatically with your account. 

It will also save a lot of time when you are in a hurry to link shorteners. The company has introduced you to three different plans, which start with Analyze and end with Monetize. If you want to give it a try to make any transaction, you can also join their 14 days free trial option but you will require to enter your card details. 

The interface also comes user-friendly and doesn’t require any technical skill to set up the account or for link shortening. Once you are ready with your shorter link you can use it anywhere like on websites, Youtube videos, chatbots, SMS, or on social media. You should definitely try Clkim once.

Why Should You Choose Clkim?

  1. 14 days free trial available.
  2. You can choose your desired audiences.
  3. Full-page interstitial ads are available. 
  4. No technical skill is required to set up.


Need a simple weight website for the best URL Shorteners? Wait here comes the, I have never seen any website with this simple interface. Don’t take my words the wrong way, because as it is simple, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t offer you quality service. 

You can have all the leading features that are required to have in free link shortener sites. Once you land on the site it will ask you to login or sign up, if you haven’t signed up, use your email id to create an account. 

You can create random shorter links using or enable you to create custom links. Whatever link you create, in return you get three options. The first one is the shorter link, the second link is for checking the traffic stats, and QR is also for tracking your links. 

It also allows you to export all your data in various file formats such as .xlsx or. CSV files. If you are one of those, who really care about link performance, then will suit you because it displays real-time data of your URL. 

You have full control to check which one of your links are performing well. The report shows you which IP address is being used to access the link, users click, and referring URLs. 

It also enables you to personalize the URL, which means you can give your desired name to the link. Using the platform you can change your long URL into a short one within a second. If you are searching for the best URL shorteners then you should definitely try a once.

Why Should You Choose

  1. Immense simple Interface.
  2. No email verification feature.
  3. Allows you to export all the URLs in a couple of file formats.
  4. Real-time data.

#9. Rebrandly:

Rebrandly is also a trustable name in link shortening service and provides you with the most amazing links. However, it is a premium service that offers you a total of five different plans including the free one. 

In a free account, you get limited features like you only get 5000 click tracking options in a month. You can upgrade it anytime, and the starting price starts from $29 a month. The price seems to be higher, but let me tell you about all the leading brands like Cisco, Xing, and Land Rover using the Rebrandly service. 

Same as the above you can either register with your existing domains or simply choose the fresh one directly from the dashboard. Rebrandly offers you many amazing features. You can check them below. 

Rebrandly Features:

  1. You can take advice from a dedicated account, which definitely helps you to grow your business effortlessly. 
  2. You can add your consumers from various social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Adwords, and others to retarget your audiences. 
  3. It allows you to redirect your target audiences to a particular page, by knowing their behavior, browsing history, interest, location, and other factors. It will also help you to give a boost to your business.
  4. You have full control over your account, and it can set a schedule report for all your campaigns that help you to track them.
  5. In the past, if you have ever used another platform for a custom URL shortener, then Rebrandly enables you to import and export all the data and link between apps.

The interface of the website is super cool, and you don’t need to be an expert to set up the account. Anyone who is not holding any prior technical knowledge can also set it up easily. 

With Rebrandly you can do different types of link management like What a branded link

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Marketing tools, Best URL shorteners, SMS marketing, Twitter bio link, Link management, Instagram bio URL, Create QR codes, Bitly alternative, Marketing blogs, URL shortener,, Bitly enterprise alternative, Migrate short URLs. You can also download their app for iOS, and Android to stay in touch all the time.


We have moved to the ninth number in the list of the top 10 best URL Shorteners and here comes 

This platform offers you great functionality and by using them you can generate customizable short links within a second. If you want to create or make a customizable short link for your business then a few clicks will do the task for you. 

You can navigate to the official site of and sign up; boom, you are in the game. Apart from that many other platforms fail to deliver you the performance of your generated links, but the case is completely different for Lnnkin. 

Because that platform offers you a real-time tracking feature, using this you can check which of your links are doing well. Cool, isn’t it? In additional features, you can also optimize all your short links in one place. 

If you also don’t like to open a website every time you want to create a new link then this platform offers you a Google Chrome and Firefox extension. Using the extension you can directly do a link short. 

Creating a short link is immensely easy. If your business needs to create short links in bulk then Lnnkin is the perfect place for you, because they enable you to make multiple short links in a single click. You know branded short links can increase your CTR, and Lnnkin provides you with these features where you can create custom domain short links. 

So if you created a lot of links as this platform doesn’t restrict you from this. It means you can create N numbers of links, and track them. If you need to delete some of them, then you can delete them from your account. 

Lnnkin comes with 7 different premium accounts including free ones. Free plan for you all the basic features, but for the ultimate feature, you need to upgrade. 

Why Should You Choose

  1. The leading browser add-ons available.
  2. Best plans available.
  3. Detailed account summary. 
  4. Enable you to create bulk short links.
  5. Real-time link performance tracking feature.

#11. T2mio:

Okay, here we come to the end, our last but not least is t2mio. t2mio is a great platform with outstanding features and functionality. This platform is not different from others in terms of converting branded links, you can simply choose your domain name, and then the keyword for links. 

Also, provide you with the best performance tracking feature for your links, so you can calculate the best links. In this platform, you get Campaign management, Categorizing URLs with tags, Analytic reporting per tag, and many other tools. 

Till now they have already crossed the 311,142,559 number of link shorteners and that is the reason I have picked t2mio in the list of free URL shorteners. The only issue that new user faces is they can not avail of a free plan on this platform, but they have 5 different premium plans and the basic one starts from $5. 

The basic plan offers you an unlimited number of short URLs. The $5 is for one time, you can consider it as a registration charge, and free for life long. T2. 

T2mio is the best platform if you are looking for a premium platform only to convert your long links into short ones with a simple click. You should definitely try this platform once to check out the functionality of the t2mio.

If you are using this platform with a custom domain then you have unlocked all the doors for custom link shorteners because t2mio is fully supportable with custom link shorteners. The support system of this platform is also amazing, their technical team is always there for you and provides you with the best solution. 

Why Should You Choose T2mio?

  1. Custom link shorteners.
  2. Different plans with affordable prices.
  3. One-time payment then free for life long.
  4. Great support team.

My Opinion For The Best Amount These?

One of the toughest questions to answer but still, I have written this post so it’s my duty to share the best one with you. All these platforms are my first choice but still if you ask for one? 

Then I will go with ShrtFly because ShrtFly offers you the best CRM for link shorteners doesn’t. Along with CRM they also have one of the best technical support, in fact, they come up with a dedicated support team who solves all your queries in a given time. 

In terms of layout, they also win the race against all. When it comes to making money with link shorteners then many enable you for this but ShrtFly tells you that, once you complete $5 you are all set to withdraw the money from your bank account. Also, you get a referral feature in ShrtFly where you can grab up to 30% commission straight from your referrals for life long.

These are the features that are enough to upvote any link shortener platform, and luckily we have ShrtFly for all. These are the main reasons you should definitely go with ShrtFly.

Wrapping Up:

In this detailed article, I have introduced you to the top 10 best URL-shortening services that provide you with high-class features and functionality. 

All the above-mentioned platforms are the best in the business because they have top-quality accessibility. 

All of them provide you with a custom domain link shortener and tracking facility that is important for any link shortening platform. The above-given 10 best link shortener platforms are the best for link shorteners but I have shared my honest opinion as well. When I choose the best one of all and share the reason behind that. 

I hope this article has provided you with the ultimate guide for the best link shortener services platform including free and paid.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the same, you can leave me a comment below. 

How to url shortener

How to Monetize Website Traffic Without Google AdSense

Google AdSense is the platform that enables you to monetize your Website, and Google Adsense is the reliable, trustworthy advertisement network. 

But when it comes to taking AdSense approval, Google is too strict for movies, cracked software websites, and doesn’t show ads on the mentioned platform, or if your site is not fulfilling the google AdSense criteria then what are the options left for such websites owners?

Well, there’re plenty of other options available that can be used to replace Google Adsense and can make you good revenue. 

This article will explain the most genuine and authentic ways to make money from a website without Google AdSense. 

You can use any of the mentioned platforms for generating revenue, you have the option to display Popup ads, start promoting other’s products (Affiliate Marketing), and other ways to monetize your Website and generate a good amount effortlessly.

I’ll share with you every possible way to monetize your site, so without any further delay, let’s start the topic and find out the best ways to monetize website traffic without Google Adsense.

How to monetize Website traffic without Google AdSense

Find the details about the best alternatives of Google Adsense given below:

Popup Ads:

popup ads

As the name suggests of this platform Popup ads display pop-up ads on your site. Popup ads are the most popular ads around the globe because they are high-paying. Once you display pop-up ads on your site, it generally opens in a popup. 

One of the features of Popup ads is once the ad displays, the user needs to close the ads manually for proceeding. These types of ads are mainly found on gaming, crack software sites, and movies sites. 

In the same category the next tab ads, popunder ads also come. You can display these ads on your site without Google AdSense. These ad models are quite popular for generating good revenue. 

Because Popup, Popunder ads create more chances to click than normal ads (Google ads). If your website belongs to crack software, apps, movies, and such a category and Google does not allow you to show ads then Popup ads are the best option for you.

Affiliate Marketing:

url shortener

Affiliate Marketing can be the best option for you if you are looking to monetize your Website or blog with Google Adsense, as there is a high potential to generate a good amount of money. 

Many popular blogs and website owners also apply for Affiliate Marketing because it is one of the high-paying networks. The only thing is to have a website with good traffic. 

Several affiliate sites are available that allow you to promote their products to your audience, and once you generate any sale through your link, you register a commission. 

Affiliate marketing is one of the quickest ways to generate money without Google Adsense. As I said above, various types of affiliate websites are available on the internet, such as (Click Bank, Amazon Affiliate, ShareASale, Commission Junction, and many others) that pay you when you sell their products. 

Visit their site and register yourself as an Affiliator, (the process of registering is pretty simple) choose the category first then product (S), generate your affiliate link, and start promoting into your Website. 

Once any of your users, subscribers will click on the link and purchase from that, you get a split of the sale price. You need to understand what types of products you want to promote to your audience because products should be related to your blog or Website only.

You can’t walk on two lanes simultaneously; for example, you have a technology website, and you start promoting beauty products; in such cases, there are rare chances you will make any sale from that.

So ensure to choose the products according to your niche. All the mentioned platforms for affiliate products pay you a high commission which can be (30% to up to 70%).

So Affiliate Marketing could be the best one for your Website or blog if you search for the Google Adsense alternatives.

Pay Per Download Sites (PPD Site)

link shortener

If your Website or blogs have something to download, such as (apps, software, music, movies, ebook, images), then PPD sites could be your best mate in terms of monetizing your Website without Google Adsense generating a good amount of money. 

PPD stands for (Pay Per Download). In this process, you need something on your site to download and upload on the PPD site. Once the users download your products, then you can apply to the PPD sites and start making money. 

The more downloads you have, the more money you can make. There are plenty of websites available on the internet; however, I will talk about UploadMX. UploadMX works on multiple tiers and enables you to receive money once your 1000 downloads are complete. 

The best thing about Uploadmx is the minimum payout is just $3, and you can withdraw your amount with various payment options such as (PayPal, Paytm, UPI, Payeer, Paysera, and USDT). Apart from that, they also offer you a referral program where you get 20% of the commission for the lifetime of your referral. 

You need to understand that 1 complete download will be considered only after 100% Download. 

Uploadmx doesn’t support copyright content, pornography, violent content, adult content, and Child Pornography. 

If you uploaded content that doesn’t get many views or downloads in the next 90 days from uploading, then Uploadmx will remove that content. So, my recommendation is to upload genuine content if you are really looking for the long term. 

URL Shortener:

url shortener

Link Shortener is also a platform and comes in handy when we talk about generating money from your Website. Implementing link shorteners on your Website can make you a good amount of money without Google Adsense. 

The question is how the URL shortening service works? Well, the game is not so tricky to understand. However, you need to understand the basics. In this method, when you publish your article or video it comes with a longer link, Right? 

The link is too large and doesn’t seem reasonable, so here comes the best link shortener who converts this long link into a short link that is why it is also known as a custom URL shortener.

Numbers of free URL shorteners are available on the internet where you can use their service for your blog post and share the post on different social media platforms. But the question is what are the best URL shorteners? 

To be honest, various free link shorteners available on the internet, but ShrtFly works perfectly because of our best CPM, support, multiple withdrawal options. 

The thing which made me fall in love ShrtFly is the Support system, whenever you need any type of help, the support team is always beside you and provides the ultimate solution in a given time.

With our easy payout methods, we also support more than six payment methods including PayPal, Paytm, Payoneer, Payeer, USDT, and others.

Apart from ShrtFly’s support and various payment methods,  we have quite impressive CPM as well.

Basically, the link shortener platform is best for those who run movies downloading Websites, game downloading websites, apps downloading sites, crack software websites; if you belong from these categories, you should definitely try ShrtFly for once.

Signup with ShrtFly, and submit your original link and within a second, it will convert your link into a short link or you get the option to customize it as your needs.

Now the actual game starts, share the short link with your friends and family or on your YouTube channel, Telegram, or anywhere you want. 

The best thing about the ShrtFly platform is the payout starts from $5 that can be withdrawn with various wallet options; hence you can withdraw your amount once you reach that milestone. 

From my point of view, ShrtFly could be the best option to monetize your Website without Google Adsense.

Wrapping Up:

Google AdSense is a popular platform to monetize your site. In this detailed post, I have shared other ways to monetize website traffic without Google AdSense. 

I hope this article has provided you with enough information on monetizing websites without Google Adsense. Don’t forget to let me know in the comment section your monetize method.